23rd March 2021 | Live Stream

Most of us want to change something about ourselves. It might be our response to stress, our weight, patterns in our relationships or our performance at work. Change is hard, it’s emotional, but it’s not as impossible as you think…

In this ground-breaking Salon, neuroscientist, behavioural coach and author of Why the F*ck Can’t I Change?: Insights from a neuroscientist to show that you can, Dr Gabija Toleikyte gets straight to the root cause of why we form certain habits and behaviours and shows how we can realistically stop ourselves repeating the same mistakes. From why we shouldn’t suddenly stop bad habits, simple ways to improve your motivation and productivity at work, why ‘positive thinking’ can be a bad thing and why it’s physically impossible for us to truly multitask.

Yes, Gabija will take us on an eye-opening journey through the extraordinary human brain, exploring how it deals with the everyday changes that face us all. With relatable case studies and practical strategies and tools, Gabija demonstrates how you can rethink and achieve meaningful, lasting change in every aspect of your life.

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