Our curiosity to know more that the fields we were working in led to the launch of Salon London in 2008, we have been since described as one of the best things to do in the world (GQ Magazine).  Over our eleven years we have become known as one of the key places to go for the delivery of big ideas, from wise experts - passionately communicated, we also enjoy showcasing original and unusual ideas from new voices.

We launched The Transmisison Prize to draw attention to the work our speakers to to communicate their ideas in 2014 which is announced each February, and our Also Festival to give us more time with the speakers and their ideas each July.

We love to collaborate and have very much enjoyed our collaborations with exceptional partners including the h Club, London, Hay Hill Members Club, Latitude Festival, Wilderness Festival and Tate London.

We work hard to make all our Salons dynamic experiences, so expect inspiring speakers, thought provoking ideas in wonderful, sociable and intimate settings.