For eleven dazzling years Helen, Juliet and Diccon have sought out world-leading academics, award-winning writers, and passionate experts and welcomed them on to the Salon London stage.

Becoming a member of Salon London is a simple way to stay informed and involved in the big ideas and questions of our time.  Hear from those who are digging deep in to the research that will change the way we see ourselves and the world.  We're supported in our work to do this by a limited and much valued membership community - the Salon London members - and we are always looking for curious, interesting and interested members to be part of this gang.

As one member puts it: 'The curators at Salon London don't just jump on bandwagons, they read all the latest non-fiction and introduce the most interesting to an interested audience - I went for the talks, I stayed for the social life - and it makes enlightening entertainment.'

Described by GQ Magazine as one of the best thing to do in the world, for just £85 a year, you'll enjoy:

  • Free access to over 30 Salon London events (approx. RRP £450) in the most incredible London locations (past events include Wally Funk’s Race for Space with Mercury 13 astronaut Wally Funk, Are We Human or Are We Chancer? with Dr Adam Rutherford, Professor Nava Ashraf and Robin Ince, The Gendered Brain with Gina Rippon, The Art of Statistics with Prof Sir David Spiegelhalter, Burnout with Dr Amelia Nagoski and Dr Emily Nagoski, London is a Forest Walking Experience with Paul Wood, and Are psychedelics good for depression? with Dr Robin Carhart-Harris).

  • A priority ticket booking option, ideal for sold out events.

  • First announcements including details of Salon London programming and dates for Salon events, plus exclusive access to reading and audio material.

  • Invitations to Salon London's programme of Members Only events (highlights include, The Secrets of Highly Successful Groups with Daniel Coyle, How to Get on with People with Philippa Perry, and Street Wisdom with Anna-Cecile Betrand).

  • Bring a friend for free to select Salon London events.

  • Access to the brand new Salon London Members Community space - coming to you in January 2020.

  • An invite to the Salon Members’ super exclusive cocktail party in the New Year.

  • Discounted tickets for Salon London’s Also Festival (consistently acclaimed as the UK's freshest ideas festival).

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