9th January 2020 | The AllBright

In the age of health obsession, 70% of deaths are caused by the way we treat our bodies. Despite an explosion in the numbers of gyms, health foods and activewear, we are more obese, less active and more stressed than ever before. What can we do to restore a positive relationship with our bodies? 

Cardiothoracic surgeon, writer and TV presenter, Dr Nikki Stamp's book Pretty Unhealthy is a call to reclaim the definition of true health - and inspired by her own diabetes health scare when she found herself trying to rationalise her wellbeing based on her looks and, more precisely, her size. That was when she realised that even she, a heart surgeon who spends every day battling illnesses that have roots in our lifestyles, may have let her own health slip. And even worse was the idea that despite years of medical experience and awareness, she was just as vulnerable to the flawed message that health = beauty.

Nikki will be LIVE at Salon London on 9th January to explain how we can reclaim the definition of true health: and to aim for bodies that are resilient to disease and can do everything we need them to do; and for us to feel emotionally happy in those bodies.

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