27th May 2020 | Live Stream

Join us on 27th May for the next in our Salon Lockdown series as we explore the human mind: the most powerful, complex and flexible computing machine on earth.

Dr Tim Dalgleish, a University of Cambridge clinical psychologist leading the Cognition, Emotion and Mental Health Programme and Director of the Cambridge Centre for Affective Disorders, is at Salon Lockdown to explain why our brains can’t help but crave power and money and just what we can do about it.

Tim will be in conversation with Salon London's Helen Bagnall before we open up to your questions - LIVE.

This Salon is free and open to all as part of our commitment to get us together with big ideas in lockdown but if you would like to support, please consider making a £5 donation below to help keep our speakers in cake. Alternatively, become a member and get unlimited access to all Salon events, live and online, across the year.