15th April 2021 | Live Stream

One in four of us experience a mental health problem each year, with anxiety and depression alone affecting over 500 million people worldwide. Why are these conditions so widespread? What is it about modern life that has such an impact on our mental health? And why is there still so much confusion and stigma around these issues?

Neuroscientist and bestselling author, Dean Burnett is at Salon London on the 15th April to answer these questions and more, revealing what is actually going on in our brains when we suffer mental health issues such as anxiety, depression and addiction.

Combining illuminating scientific research with first-hand insights from people who deal with mental health problems on a daily basis, this will be an honest, entertaining and reassuring account of how and why these issues occur, and how to make sense of them.

Dean will be in conversation with author and award-winning journalist, Nichi Hodgson - we always love to have your questions and thoughts to make it a Salon, and remember we would love you to get your books from us.

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