26th July 2020 | Live Stream

Do the roots for prejudice lie in our evolutionary past? What happens in our brains when our biases are activated? How has bias affected technology? If we don’t know about it, are we really responsible for it, and, if so, is there anything we can do to stop it?

Join us on 26th July for the next in our Salon Lockdown series as behavioural scientist, activist and writer Dr Pragya Agarwal unravels the way our implicit or ‘unintentional’ biases affect the way we communicate and perceive the world, and how they affect our decision making, even in life and death situations.

At a time when partisan political ideologies are taking centre stage, and we struggle to make sense of who we are and who we want to be, it is crucial that we understand why we act the way we do. This Salon will enable you to reflect and consider the forces that shape us all, opening your eyes to your own biases in a scientific and non-judgmental way.

Pragya will be in conversation with Salon London’s Juliet Russell before we open to your questions - LIVE.

This Salon is free and open to all as part of our commitment to get us together with big ideas in lockdown but if you would like to support, please consider making a £5 donation below to help keep our speakers in cake or buy Pragya’s extraordinary book, Sway: Unravelling Unconscious Bias from us below. Alternatively, become a member and get  unlimited access to all Salon events, live and online, across the year.

The link to the live stream is here, click on this on 26th July at 8pm to be taken straight in to the Salon.

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