5th February 2020 | The AllBright Members Club

Are you struggling a bit to actually make big changes for the planet? Or finding it hard to get to grips with the enormity of what’s going on around you? It could be our unreliable sense of reality that is getting in the way.
You'll be glad to hear we are expecting a lot of ourselves to try to understand on the scale that the natural world is presented to us. So we have the award-winning journalist, science broadcaster and Vice President of Canada WWF Ziya Tong in London to demonstrate humanity's blind spots that stop us seeing most of reality. She'll be with us at the glamorous AllBright Members club to present to us a new way of looking at the natural world, and to show us how understanding nature on a different scale will help us see what needs to be done and to find a role for us to play in it.

This will be a ground-breaking exploration into humanity's biggest blind spots when it comes to seeing the environment - in which you'll understand why we can’t see the familiar, why our constructed human-sized reality is not as it seems, and why when we lose the sense of scale, we are unable to feel.

Ziya will help us understand and to see beyond our hardwired blind spots in order to change our reality. 

The AllBright Members Club

11 Rathbone Pl