10th September 2020 | Live Stream

How to lessen our impact on the world without giving up the experiences and escapes that make life so rich? We’ll be taking a good hard look at how we travel — in the UK and further away — with Juliet Kinsman, exploring how we can do it in a way that benefits the planet and lets us enjoy the planning part from our sofas while we consider how to have the best holidays in the future which happen to be more eco-friendly. 

As we will hear sustainable tourism doesn’t have to mean vowing to never take another flight or spending holidays camping in your back garden — Juliet's done her research and this Salon addresses every aspect of your trip as part of her book The Green Edit: Travel which officially launches at this very Salon. 

Juliet Kinsman shares tips on how to understand better what sustainability actually involves — especially when it comes to travel, since she has spent two and half decades talking about the world’s most special places in which to spend time. A freelance travel writer, broadcaster and eco expert she is the first-ever Sustainability Editor of Condé Nast Traveller, is founding editor of Mr & Mrs Smith (where she was editor-in-chief for 13 years), she’s co-authored Louis Vuitton City Guides for London and New York. Meeting philanthropic hoteliers inspired her to create a platform specifically to share enlightening stories of design hotels doing good, Bouteco.co and she works as a sustainability consultant to help travel businesses stand for something and stand out for it to help them be a stronger force for good through their communications.

We’ll be helping you find your way through rethinking what it means to be green and how each time we leave home, we have the option to have a positive impact on people and planet.

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© Photo by Reggie Ansah for Luxure Magazine.