11th June 2020 | Live Stream

On 11th June, we will be joined by Sir Bob Geldof, whose latest book Tales of Boomtown Glory chronicles the musical life and times of this incredibly powerful singer, songwriter and communicator. Known as much for his humanitarian work as his music, he has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize an incredible 8 times.

Geldof first burst into public consciousness as the lead singer and creative force of The Boomtown Rats. Pioneers of the emerging new wave and punk scene in the mid-1970s, in Ireland and then the UK and beyond, The Boomtown Rats ushered in a musical revolution that was uncompromising, outspoken, melodic and unapologetic. Together, they literally transformed the Irish musical landscape, giving a voice to youth and creating a wave of change that can still be felt today. As the frontman, songwriter and spokesperson Geldof made an immediate and profound impact.

Then, of course, in 1985, came Live Aid, an unprecedented live event, which galvanised the music industry and public to respond to the ongoing, devastating famine in Ethiopia. It was watched by 95% of people with televisions throughout the world.

This anthology presents the complete lyrics from Bob Geldof’s The Boomtown Rats and solo albums, and is interwoven with his witty, deeply felt and frank commentaries of the background, inspiration and context behind some of his songs. Together they provide a remarkable portrait of an extraordinary life which has always sought and found expression through lyrical storytelling.

In conversation, with Salon London’s Juliet Russell, Geldof will be discussing his life and work through his lyrics and music - his inspirations, creative process, performance style and voice.

A complementary documentary, Citizens of Boomtown is available to watch on BBC 4, coinciding with The Boomtown Rats first album in 36 years, also called Citizens of Boomtown.

In Geldof’s own words: ‘These are the words that got me out. That enabled my escape. The words that gave me this life. Seeing all the last 44 years in one piece just exhausts me. The grief and labour and panic and worry and...just in these bits of lines? I’m glad it's all in one book. Now I know what I’ve been up to for all this time.’

Numbers will be limited. This Salon is part of our Book Club LIVE series - Salon Lockdown's venture to invite us all to a Book Club with the author. Access is £10 or free if you buy a signed copy of his bookTales of Boomtown Glory, from us which we will send you. Alternatively, become a member and get unlimited access to all Salon events, live and online, across the year.

A link to the live stream will be e-mailed out to guests 48 hours before the event.