30th November 2020 | Live Stream

According to John Adair, the most important word in the leader's vocabulary is "we" and the least important word is "I". But if this is true, it raises one important question: why do psychological analyses of leadership always focus on the leader as an individual – as the great "I"?

This 30th November at 8pm, we’ll be taking a good hard look at leadership and what we’ve learned this year with Prof Stephen Reicher, the Professor of Social Psychology from the University of St Andrews and behavioural science advisor during the pandemic.

Stephen will explain why to succeed, leaders need to create, champion, and embed a group identity in order to cultivate an understanding of 'us'. Effective leaders shape our sense of who we are and what we want to do. They are entrepreneurs of identity.

So please join us as Stephen helps us better understand the leadership over the last year a little deeper and what could happen next.

Stephen will be in conversation with Helen Bagnall before we open to your questions - LIVE. We leave plenty of space for questions and everyone is invited to get involved.

This Salon is free and open to all as part of our commitment to get us together with big ideas. Salon Members get the option to join our FROW (front row). If you would like to support, please consider making a £5 donation. Alternatively, become a member and get unlimited access to all Salon events, live and online, across the year.

Please click on the below link at 8pm on the 30th. See you on the sofa.