16th April 2020 | Live Stream

The human brain is hardwired for music. We use it to celebrate, to soothe, to move and to remember. But how and why does the brain respond to music and what are the elements that our brain finds so irresistible? Join Professor Catherine Loveday for an in conversation with Salon London's Helen Bagnall and find out why music is so satisfying to your brain, your wellbeing and identity.

Professor Catherine Loveday is a neuropsychologist, teaching Cognitive Neuroscience and Cognitive Rehabilitation at the University of Westminster. Catherine is author of "The Secret World of the Brain" and regularly appears as an expert psychologist on BBC Radio 4's All In The Mind. Combining her research passions around memory and music, her work investigates how memories of music are central to our sense of self, imagination, emotional state and social functioning.

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The URL to the live stream is here.