30th March 2021 | Live Stream

Why are some people more influential than others? What is it that makes people sit up and take notice?

Join us for ‘Making Your Voice Heard’ - a fresh take on how to successfully influence others, regardless of your gender or background.

Yes, drawing on the latest research in social psychology, Prof Connson Chou Locke, an expert on leadership, negotiation and decision-making based at LSE, will explore why we are prone to miscommunicate and how to overcome these barriers - the subject of her new book Making Your Voice Heard: How to own your space, access your inner power and become influential.

Based on her hugely popular sell-out Guardian Masterclass, Connson will help you hone your personal style, teach you the secrets of nonverbal communication, how to sidestep unconscious bias and enhance your presence and influence with ease.

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