29th December 2020 | Live Stream

How do we process the unique stresses of 2020? We realise this year has been difficult and so to help us find our own way to effectively process the stress of this most unusual year, we’ve invited academic psychiatrist of the year, Prof. Carmine Pariante (Kings College London) to ALSO Twixtmas.

Yes, on 29th December at 11am, Carmine will explain what we need to know in this constantly developing area of brain research so we can all process and prepare for 2021.

Join us on this link at 11am on the 29th December. This Salon is free and open to all as part of our commitment to get us together with big ideas.

About ALSO Twixtmas

From the evening of 27th through to the 29th December we are bidding farewell to an amazing Salon London year with an extravaganza of big, bold ideas, magnificent masterclasses, clever comedy, magical music, mind-body-spirit experiences and fantastic food (of course). So whatever your plans are for the end of the year, why not spend some of it with us at our ALSO Digital Twixtmas Festival?

You can dip in and out of the festivities as our 'on demand feature' will be available….so you can ensure your glass is always topped up and can catch up whenever you like!

Take a look at our full line up here.

We have a very limited number of first-tier £29 tickets available - get yours here.