19th November 2020 | Live Stream

Standing at the crossroads - the Mississippi crossroads of Robert Johnson and the devil's infamous meeting -  broadcaster, award-winning musician and bestselling author, Mark Radcliffe found himself facing his own personal crunch point. Mark will be in conversation with Salon London’s Juliet Russell before we open up to your questions - LIVE.

This momentous time in his life, and being at the most famous junction in music history, led Mark to think about the pivotal tracks in music and how the musicians who wrote and performed them - from Woodie Guthrie to Gloria Gaynor, Kurt Cobain to Bob Marley - had reached the crossroads that led to such epoch-changing music.

So please join us for a very special Salon as Mark takes us on a personal journey through these touchstone tracks, looking at the story behind the records and his own experiences as he goes in search of these moments and explores music's power to transform our lives.

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