5th January 2022 | Live Stream

You’ve probably heard of the placebo effect and how sugar pills can accelerate healing. But did you know that your overall expectations of your fitness can influence your risk of an actual heart attack? That labels for diet foods can make you hungrier than if you had eaten nothing at all? Or that people who associate ageing with personal growth live for seven years longer than those who associate it with frailty and disability?

On the 5th January 2022, the award-winning science writer David Robson will be on the Salon Digital stage and drawing on a pioneering new theory of the brain to explain the power of your mindset to influence your health, fitness, happiness, and longevity.

Yes, David will be taking us on a tour of the cutting-edge research happening right now that suggests our expectations shape our experience - the subject of his brilliant new book, The Expectation Effect.

David will explain how you can reframe many different facets of your life, and in so doing start real physiological change. These easy-to-use skills will help you on your way to becoming the person you want to be, living the life you want to live.

David will be in conversation with Salon’s Juliet Russell on 5th January 2022 at 8pm.

Don’t miss this eye-opening exploration of how our expectations can positively influence all areas of our life, grounded in the latest scientific research.