24th February 2020 | Hay Hill

How can we think about the future? What do we need to do – and who do we need to be?

We are addicted to prediction, desperate for certainty about the future but the complexity of modern life won’t provide that; experts in forecasting are reluctant to look more than 400 days out. History doesn’t repeat itself and even genetics won’t tell you everything you want to know. Ineradicable uncertainty is now a fact of life.

On 24th February, the award-winning business psychologist, Margaret Heffernan (her TED talks have been viewed by over 7 million people) will be LIVE at Salon London with her extraordinary new research into uncertainty.

Ranging freely through history and from business to science, government to friendships, Margaret will challenge us to resist the false promises of technology and efficiency and instead to mine our own creativity and humanity for the capacity to create the futures we want and can believe in.

Doors: 19:00

Venue: Hay Hill

12 Hay Hill, London