9th March 2021 | Live Stream

Big questions of what we are we doing with our lives, what do we want to achieve in our work, and how can we do something meaningful and enjoyable while making a great living seem even more pressing this year. Many have lost their jobs during the pandemic, others have simply realised that if they can work from home, perhaps they can work from anywhere and do it for themselves instead of a corporation.

So we're so pleased to welcome John Williams, who has helped thousands of people to launch a business or self-employed career that they love, to the Salon Stage. He'll be explaining the ten 'secrets' covering everything from how to work out what you'd really enjoy doing to using online marketing to stand out and promote yourself effectively - the subject of his new book, F**k Work let's Play: Do what you love & get paid for it.

He'll be showcasing stories of people who have made this happen for themselves from the two brothers who invented the world's first healthy ice cream to the man who turned his interest in psychology into the #1 stop smoking app with 4 million downloads to the woman who turned a personal passion into a global mission supporting millions of women.

There’s no need to suffer unfulfilling work a moment longer. Whether you want to start a business, create your ideal job, or change the world, this is your guide to doing what you love and getting paid for it.

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