25th November 2020 | Live Stream

On 25th November, hear from bestselling author Philippa Perry (The Book You Wish Your Parents Had Read) and Flo Perry, author of How to Have Feminist Sex, in a thought-provoking, clever and funny Salon as we celebrate the new edition of Couch Fiction: A Graphic Tale of Psychotherapy, written by Philippa and illustrated by Flo.

Want to be part of this great, digital celebration of Philippa's and Flo’s work? Tickets are £7 or if you'd like to go all out - we will be offering FROW (front row) for guests who buy Couch Fiction from us. FROW can even put their question straight to Philippa and Flo by the magic of technology. We will also be offering a LIVE signing for anyone who has bought the book from us.

This event is part of our drive to get us together with the big ideas we need. Want to be part of it? Book on the Salon below for £7 and we'll send you the link ahead of the event. You could support our bookselling by buying Couch Fiction from us below and get your book signed by Flo and Philippa live. Alternatively, become a member and get your big ideas curated by us at Salon London for a whole year.