3rd May 2020 | Live Stream

Why are algorithms prejudiced? Is it a product of a hidden, bigoted, politically-activist brogrammer cabal in Silicon Valley? Is it that big data analytics are simply revealing the ugly truths about ourselves and the fundamental dysfunction of our social institutions? Or, could it just be something inherent in algorithms themselves?

In order to reclaim human rights in a world governed by technocracy, we must understand how our technological systems were fashioned, who created them and what ideas and ambitions gave them life. UCL’s Dr Robert Elliott Smith has 30 years’ experience designing and teaching Artificial Intelligence and his latest research delves into a story of prejudice, questionable ideology, error and miscalculation, to unveil the dangerous consequences of algorithmic bias on society in 'Rage Inside the Machine'.

Robert will take part in a short conversation with Salon London's Helen Bagnall before we open up to your on-line questions and put them LIVE to Robert himself.

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