13th December 2020 | Live Stream

A love-hungry goddess of the sea arrives on an island inhabited by eunuchs. A girl from Martinique moonlights as a Grace Jones impersonator. Dimension-hopping monks sworn to silence must face a bloody reckoning. And a homeless man goes right back, to the very beginning, through a gap in time…

On 13th December, be part of the digital launch of award-winning author, Irenosen Okojie's paperback edition of Nudibranch. We'll celebrate together and journey into the boundaries of reality as she discusses and reads from her gorgeous collection of short stories.

“Irenosen Okojie is one of our finest short story writers. Nudibranch is her second collection and in it her imagination runs riot. Linguistically inventive and always unpredictable, there is an emotional intensity and weirdness to her story telling that haunts and lingers” - Bernardine Evaristo

Irenosen will be in conversation with Sharmaine Lovegrove, publisher at Dialogue Books before we open to your questions - LIVE.

Want to be part of this great, digital celebration of Irenosen's work? Tickets are £7 and include the option of getting more involved in the Salon by being on the Front Row if you choose or why not support our bookselling by buying a copy Nudibranch from us below which you can get signed LIVE by Irenosen during the Salon. Alternatively, become a member and get your big ideas curated by us at Salon London for a whole year.