29th April 2020 | Live Stream

How did we find ourselves in a "post-truth" world of "alternative facts"? And can we get out of it? 

On 29th April at 7:30 pm the next in our Salon Lockdown Free LiveStream series, we’ll be hearing from the award-winning writer and philosopher, Julian Baggini.

Julian will take us on a whirlwind tour of its history through the ten types of truth and how each can become false.  Unfortunately for us, there is no type of truth that we can rely on unquestioningly. Damn!  But there is hope, he will explain that we can all play a role in attaining truth and this Salon will provide us with all we need to restore faith in the value and he'll even be asking us to consider the possibility of truth as a social enterprise.

Julian will be in conversation with Salon London's Helen Bagnall before we open up to your questions - LIVE.

This Salon is free and open to all as part of our commitment to get us together with big ideas in lockdown. If you would like to - you could buy a copy of Julian's book, A Short History of Truth: Consolations for a Post-Truth World below or a £5 donation keeps our speakers in cake (although Julian doesn't eat cake so in this case - tea).

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