19th March 2019 |

2019 has been described as the ‘Year of Burnout’ and with symptoms such as emotional exhaustion, imposter syndrome and a reduced sense of accomplishment it's one we’re keen to avoid.

But what if Burnout is beyond our individual control, due instead to the gap between what it's like to be a woman and our expectations of how women should be? What if we're exhausting ourselves trying to close the space between the two that is causing the Burnout in the first place?

As Dr Emily Nagoski explains ‘it’s hard to lean in at work when you’re already giving 110% and no one is noticing’. Both Emily and Dr Amelia Nagoski will be at Salon London to explain why the problem isn’t you - and what you can do about it.

Doors 7pm, 19 March. Central London location. Tickets are £25 and include a copy of Burnout: The Secret to Solving the Stress Cycle.


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