16th January 2020 | Covent Garden

As Salon London, we have spent a decade working with leading academics, experts and authors and rarely have we come across a subject where there is so much misdirection, misinformation and fake news as Stress.

To help us find our own way to effectively manage our stress for 2020, we’ve invited two experts to the Salon stage. Yes, neuroscientist and author of the Secret Life of the Brain Prof. Catherine Loveday (University of Westminster) and founder of the Stress Psychiatry and Immunology Lab, and academic psychiatrist of the year, Prof. Carmine Pariante (Kings College London) will explain all in this constantly developing area of brain research. ‘We need to understand much more about the way stress works,’ says Professor Pariante, ‘to protect ourselves’ with Professor Loveday explaining ‘I have completely changed my personal approach to stress over the last decade - based on the evidence.’ So we feel it’s time for us all to get that knowledge from the experts into our own lives so we can go bravely into 2020.

So please join us to start the year in a relaxed setting where we put our brilliant experts under a lot of stress to answer the big questions of how much is enough, why avoiding stress is not the answer and how exercising is not the panacea it seems.

Covent Garden

Covent Garden, London