Sarah Corbett

Sarah Corbett

The Craftivist Collection.

Sarah Corbett, founder of the Craftivist Collective which promotes activism by creative means, will be telling us how we might need our creative and craft skills in the future and how we go about developing them

Growing up in the 80s in the fourth most deprived ward in the UK: West Everton, she was brought into the world of activism from a young age having experienced first hand her community battling against the effects of inequality. Sarah is passionate about empowering and encouraging people to use their hobbies, talents and influence to be the change they wish to see in the world. 

Sarah loves traditional craft and saw the potential it could have as part of the activism tool kit with benefits for both maker and viewer/receiver. Feeling like a burnt out activist and also not feeling she fitted into many activism scenes (she doesn’t ride a bike, isn’t vegan and loves reading Vogue!) Sarah married her love for craft and justice together into her own craftivism projects. Her work has led to features in arts and culture magazines, blogs across the world, an appearance on french television channel Canal+ & she was recently called the leader of one of 5 ‘New Tribes’ of 2012 by The Times. Sarah has worked with institutions such as the Tate, Hayward, British Library and Bluecoat Gallery as well as cult jewellers Tatty Devine and exhibited her work around the world.

The collective has of members all over the world and Sarah continues passionately to inspire people to see craftivism as a fun, unthreatening but thought provoking way of effective activism.