Philip Escoffey

Philip Escoffey

Mind Reading 101.

The world of mind readers, the paranormal and psychics is one which has divided us for as long as it has intrigued us. If a stranger told you who your favourite teacher was, how would you feel? If he also knew what lottery numbers you’d choose, what would you think? In its most contemporary sense, Philip Escoffey the grey man is a mind reader.

Philip has spent the last ten years travelling the world, leaving everyone intrigued. He consults and appears from time to time in the media, more recently as an expert consultant on Channel 5’s “Britain’s Psychic Challenge”. Further to his sell out Edinburgh Show, he appeared at The Melbourne Festival in 2009, sold out the Sydney Opera House, returning two years later as 'The Illusionists', literally bringing his magic, literally and figuratively to over 45,000 people. 

Philip is currently in production of his first TV show for FIVE.