Psyche Specific

An essential series of psychology sessions from Salon London curated for Soho House Group which we call: 'Psyche Specific'

  • You and Your Hedonism

    You and Your Hedonism

    3rd Dec 2014

    Salon London presents ‘You and Your Hedonism’ with Guerilla Science founder Zoe Cormier.   As you might have suspected, you are biologically determined to enjoy the season to excess – in fact your DNA demands . . .
  • Edward Slingerland - Spontaneity

    Edward Slingerland - Spontaneity

    7th Apr 2014

    Why is spontaneity so elusive? Could early Chinese thought point the way to a happier life, by the pursuing of goals indirectly. Edward Slingerland of the University of British Colombia blends Eastern thought with cutting-edge science to . . .
  • Roman Krznaric - The Empathy Revolution

    Roman Krznaric - The Empathy Revolution

    17th Mar 2014

    Empathy: A Handbook for Revolution, explores the six life-enhancing habits of highly empathic people, and reveals how empathy can transform everyday life, from the personal to the political.
  • Barbara Sahakian: Smart People, Smart Drugs.

    Barbara Sahakian: Smart People, Smart Drugs.

    24th Feb 2014

    Professor Barbara Sahakian looks at the ethics, the morality and the effects of neuro cognitive enhancers on our brains, the subject of her book Smart Moves.