Thursday 4th May 2017

Caring, Sharing, DARING

We’ll be returning to the Hospital Club on 4th May for the final instalment in the 2017 Spring Series, 'Caring, Sharing, Daring'.

Mike Childs, Head of Policy and Research at Friends of the Earth has just finished the incredible research that will be published as 30 big ideas that can change the world. We'll be asking him to talk about what we can do in London and it's fascinating (the answers are broadly - working collaboratively, building power at a community level, harnessing technology) and also how to move from buying to belonging, retrain our love of consumerism and reinvent marketing to promote sustainability. 

University of Cambridge’s Dr Finbarr Livesey, author of From Global to Local, will be in conversation with Salon London’s Juliet Russell. She'll be asking him how daring our creative industries are and how they can future-proof themselves as we move towards the end of globalisation. 

Finally, well be joined by Oxford Professor, Charles Foster and author of the New York Times best seller, Being A Beast. He wanted to know what it was like to be a badger - so he lived for a badger in a hole for weeks, eating earthworms with his family. He also lived as a Fox scavenging from bins in central London. It sounds crazy that a serious academic would do this and it is - but it also is the most incredible way of understanding the world of the animal and the animal in us. 

Doors open 7pm. First speaker on 7:30pm. Tickets here.


  • The Hospital Club

    24 Endell Street, London

    WC2H 9HQ