Thursday 16th March 2017

Salon London Presents CARING, Sharing, Daring.

Salon London’s Caring, Daring, Sharing spring series takes a lateral look at how we can use our power and our privilege differently and we begin with ‘Caring’ on the 16th March at the wonderful Hospital Club.

First up we have Philosophy Professor Hilary Greaves (University of Oxford) to introduce us to the power of Effective Altruism. This fast growing movement gives answers how can we use resources available to us to help others the most, and part of the 1% of the globally wealthy – turns out there’s a lot we can do for communities we care about.

We will segue in why we need to care about advertising. Yes, advertising, behavioural economist Dr Nick Southgate passionately believes we should, advertising helps our brains manage information – it lessens our cognitive burden, it reduces the amount we’ll pay for products and prevents us doing national service. Imagine how that would get in the way of weekend plans?  

Finally we’ll hear from renegade economist Dr Kate Raworth about her work to create a new economic mindset one that addresses the 21st Century social and ecological challenges. Kate will explain how the current dominant economic theories care only about financial growth- she will present her economic vision of an alternative, equitable and sustainable future.

We hope you’ll care to join us (see what we did there?)

Tickets: £15

We’re at the (gorgeous) Hospital Club. Doors open. 7pm. First speaker: 7:30.

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  • Dr Nick Southgate

    Dr Nick Southgate

    Why We Need to Care About Advertising

    Nick Southgate is a former adman, lapsed philosopher and occasional and confused cultural critic. He obtained a PhD in philosophy last century before, inevitably, getting a job in an advertising agency. A meteoric rise to the . . .
  • Dr Kate Raworth

    Dr Kate Raworth

    Creating a New Economic Mindset

    Kate Raworth is an economist whose research focuses on the unique social and ecological challenges of the 21st century. She is a Senior Visiting Research Associate at Oxford University’s Environmental Change Institute, and also . . .
  • Prof Hilary Greaves

    Prof Hilary Greaves

    The Power of Effective Altruism

    Hilary Greaves is a Professor of Philosophy at the University of Oxford, and a Tutorial Fellow at Somerville College, Oxford. Her current research focusses on various issues in ethics, including: foundational issues in population . . .