Thursday 17th November 2016


This November, Salon London brings you MAGIC, the final installment in the 2016 autumn series.

What is the mind really capable of when it comes to health, and is it a kind of magic? From placebos to hypnosis, and from social connectivity to meditation, it can sometimes be seen as a kind of magic. Dr Jo Marchant, an award-winning science writer and former editor at New Scientist and Nature has the facts. She has conducted a rigorous investigation in to the role of the mind in health, which is the subject of her book, Cure – A Journey Into the Science of Mind Over Body.  

We will hear from Prof Gustav Kuhn – who in 2016 put together the world’s first Psychology of Magic conference, bringing magicians and scientists together to see what they can learn from each other’s worlds. The Goldsmiths College neuroscientist will be conducting a live experiment in to the psychology of magic, to demonstrate how we are primed to be deceived and why we certainly shouldn’t believe our own eyes.

Greg Wilson, the globally renowned DJ, producer and acute observer and commentator on popular and underground culture, will be looking at the magic in sound manipulation. He’ll be discussing Alan Moore's assertion that art and magic are interchangeable, plus digging deep into his theory of Ideaspace… 

We're so pleased to be back at The Hospital Club. Doors (and martinis) at 7:00pm, first speaker at 7:30pm. All you have to do is remember to book your ticketsOr why not be a member?