Thursday 20th October 2016


This October, Salon London grapple with 'MUSIC', so relax with a sharpener as Amy Spray brings to life her groundbreaking research in the University of Liverpool' department of psychological sciences. She’ll prove that you do have rhythm, and that experimenting with your musicality immediately starts to change your brain structure, improves your brainpower, and puts years on your life*.

Think you should know a little bit more about music than 80s rock, 90s indie or 00s pop? Let us introduce you to the wonder that is composer Mark Bowden, who will make Schoenberg as easy on the brain as a Nile Rodgers’ hook. A century ago this revolutionary composer’s simple innovation rewrote the rules of classical music and opened the door to the avant-garde, and the rest, Mark will explain, is history.

And then, a rare chance to learn how to DJ from the super star himself - Justin Robertson. We all use music to create mood and as we’ve never seen anything quite like his when it comes to getting a room going, we thought we would ask how we could learn from the master about reading a room musically. Whether you’re a Spotify, CD or vinyl fan, find out how to choose the music to put on that will get you the mood, atmosphere and, dare we say, result you want. 

As this is MUSIC, we will round off the Salon, for anyone who wants to stay for it, with a brief homage to Rockaoke. If there’s a song you’d like to sing, Diccon is willing to learn it so you can take to the stage. If anyone wants in, please email: diccon.towns@gmail.com. 

We're so pleased to be back at The Hospital Club. Doors (and martinis) at 7:00pm, first speaker at 7:30pm. All you have to do is remember to book your tickets, which you can do hereOr why not be a member?

* Actual years not guaranteed