Transmission 2018

Thursday 22nd February 2018

Our Feb Salon of the year will kick off with a roundup of the big ideas to fire up your synapses in 2018.

Our complex relationships with stories is one of them and we'll hear from Alex Evans (ex-Special Advisor to the United Nations and the UK govt now based at Avaaz) and author of the superb The Myth Gap on just why stories seduce us far more than fact and why we need to be involved in creating new stories about ourselves.

Second up - and destined to be big in 2018 is how our brains are being hacked – by ever more sophisticated use of behavioural economics – which we, unfortunately, are powerless to resist. Carl Miller (founder of the think tank Demos, author of The Death of the Gods: Power in the Digital Age) has examined just what this means to the balance of power between us and big business.

We'll then hear from our incredible Transmission 2018 Prize winner: the renegade economist, Kate Raworth. We’ll be asking her about her new model of economics that backs away from economic growth without rejecting it completely. We love how Kate has dismantled the old systems of economics, reframed tax relief to be about tax justice and calmly considers the possibility of 'green' growth. Her ideas are gaining traction at an incredible rate – looks like 2018 is the year we’re all ready for a new way of judging success.

February is always a huge event of the year for Salon London - we'll be celebrating all this on the 22nd February with our partner The Hospital Club in Covent Garden, doors at 7pm.

Tickets are £15. Please do get yours here.


  • The Hospital Club

    24 Endell Street, London

    WC2H 9HQ