Wednesday 19th June 2013

Need to Know Basis.

There are things you know, things you want to know, and things you need to know.  To help you in your quest for knowledge Salon North presents ‘Need to Know Basis.’

First up we’ll be tackling the middle east. We all know nodding sagely at the news whilst stroking your imaginary beard fools no-one, but where to start? We are talking thousands of years of history.  Luckily John McHugo is on hand to give a thirty minute introduction to the region, the subject of his life’s work and book ‘A Concise History of the Arabs.’  He will explain the psychology of the region, why religion became the glue that bound the area together, and the British role in the troubles, providing you with all the context you need to ditch the beard stroking and start talking knowledgeably instead. 

It’s never too clever to get in the way of a hippopotamus & water, a dipsomaniac & a mini bar & two people in love. But what makes the latter so dangerous?  Because, as Kerry Daynes will explain in her session ‘The Science of Attraction’, the brain patterns of those in love and the certifiable are pretty much identical.  This highly experienced forensic psychologist will also explain why, if you want someone to fall for you, you just need to put them in a terrifying situation and why a rational approach and strong romantic feelings are never bedfellows.

Been told your anecdotes go on too long? Brilliant at the set up of funny stories but forget the punch line?  We all know being amusing can defuse situations, win friends and influence people, but did we know it can be learnt?  In order to help pick up this essential skill, Salon North has been working with Edinburgh award winning stand up Alexis Dubus (aka as his Gallic alter ego Marcel Lucont) to develop a session to give you the tools of the trade.  In this thirty minute master class in amusement, Alexis will teach you everything you need to know to make your stories sing, your jokes hit the mark and to have people ROTFLAO at a click of your fingers.  



  • Alexis Dubus

    Alexis Dubus

    How To Tell A Joke

    As well as taking various shows all over the world, including the well-received Marcel Lucont: Encore and A Surprisingly Tasteful Show About Nudity, Alexis has also written a book (Marcel Lucont: What We French Think Of You British And . . .
  • John McHugo

    John McHugo

    Arab Spring

       John McHugo brings over 40 years’ experience of the region to this book. He graduated in Arabic at Oxford in 1973 then won a research scholarship in Islamic History at the American University in Cairo which was . . .
  • Kerry Daynes

    Kerry Daynes

    Is There A Psycho In Your Life?

    Kerry Daynes is a Consultant Chartered Forensic Psychologist and Chartered Scientist. Kerry was one of the first Forensic psychologists to train in an NHS setting; she has since worked with some of Britain's most complex and . . .


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