Salon XXXV

Thursday 4th April 2013

Ma Cherie Amour


As April is the cruelest month, allow Salon to soften its edges as we present Ma Cherie Amour.

It’s never too clever to get in the way of a hippopotamus & water, a dipsomaniac & a mini bar & two people in love. But what makes the latter so dangerous?  Because, as forensic psychologist Kerry Daynes will explain in her session ‘Love as a Mental Illness’, the brain patterns of those in love and the certifiable are pretty much identical.  Why, if you want someone to fall for you, you need to put them in a terrifying situation and why a rational approach and strong romantic feelings rarely co-exist.

Cheap long haul. Alcopops. Harvey’s Bristol Cream.  The trine of reasons why a generation missed out on the sizzle of Spain, its sunshine and sherry.  Having had something of a renaissance in the streets of Soho in the last few years, if the last time you experienced the tipple was Aunty Olive’s golden wedding anniversary your taste buds are in for a treat.  Wine writer/expert/broadcaster Jane Parkinson will be unravelling the magic and the mystery of Spanish Fino teaching you to spot your salty Manzanilla from your golden Oloroso.  Ola.

Psychopaths terrify us but, as Prof. Kevin Dutton has discovered, as long as you set a few ground rules, they’re not all bad. In fact there’s a lot we can learn from them.  They’re full of (superficial) charm, highly influential and are probably running the company that pays you.  As a world expert, and Fellow at St Edmund's College, University of Cambridge in social influence, Kevin Dutton set out to define exactly what we could learn from psychopaths to make us more healthy, wealthy and wise, as he wows our Salon crowd with ‘The Wisdom of Psychopaths.’

At Adam St members' club, from 7:30pm. Pre-book here:



  • Jane Parkinson

    Jane Parkinson


      Jane Parkinson is one of the UK’s youngest award-winning wine writers and is currently a freelance wine journalist and presenter. She is wine editor at large for Restaurant magazine, the wine expert for Stylist magazine and . . .
  • Kerry Daynes

    Kerry Daynes

    Is There A Psycho In Your Life?

    Kerry Daynes is a Consultant Chartered Forensic Psychologist and Chartered Scientist. Kerry was one of the first Forensic psychologists to train in an NHS setting; she has since worked with some of Britain's most complex and . . .
  • Kevin Dutton

    Kevin Dutton

    Wisdom of Psychopaths.

    Professor Kevin Dutton was born in 1967 and is a research psychologist at the University of Oxford.   His first book, Flipnosis - The Art of Split Second Persuasion, first published in 2010 and since translated into 18 languages, . . .