Wednesday 6th March 2013

Rites of Spring

OK so it’s time for some Salon word association.  I say ‘spring’.  You say ‘Arab’ ‘Nature?’ ‘Rite of’?  Whichever you went for, it indicates you’re a rare breed of person and so especially for you we present ‘Rites of Spring.’

First up and to explain the Arab spring by unlocking the two thousand years that preceded it, we have John McHugo who, based on forty years experience in the region in the universities, the law courts and at the UN, has sensitively put together ‘A Concise History of the Arabs’.  John will tell you everything you need to know to understand the complexity of the seat of civilisation by distilling a brace of millennia of failing empires, clashing beliefs and countries minced up like horse burgers into something much easier to digest.  

What does Spring sound like?  To welcome in those first signs we have made it through the great winter of 2012/13 we have Cheryl Tipp, wildlife sounds curator at the British Library.  She will be delving deep in to her archive and bringing out the definitive sounds of spring, but will you be able to identify them during our first ever nature disco. 

Finally we have Mark Bowden, a composer, of orchestral, chamber and instrumental music.  Mark has worked at the Ballet Rambert, Handel House Museum and is the resident composer with the BBC National Orchestra of Wales.  No one is more qualified to explain to us the significance of Stravinsky’s ballet: ‘The Rite of Spring’.  Why did this pagan tale of a sacrificial dance to the death incite people to violence in Paris in the early 20th century only to become one of the most influential works of the period?  We don’t know, but Mark does, so all is well.   

At Adam St Private Member’s Club, the Salon opens at 7:00pm, as usual all we need is you as we bring massive ideas to intimate spaces. 






  • Mark Bowden

    Mark Bowden

    Rite of Spring

    ark Bowden is a composer of instrumental, chamber and orchestral music as well as music for voice, dance and film. His music is performed at festivals and events throughout the UK, Europe, South America and the US and can be heard . . .
  • Cheryl Tipp

    Cheryl Tipp

    Sounds of Spring

    Cheryl Tipp is Curator of Natural Sounds at the British Library, London. She is also a staff writer for The Field Reporter and a member of the Executive Committee for the International Bioacoustics Council. Recent publications . . .
  • John McHugo

    John McHugo

    Arab Spring

       John McHugo brings over 40 years’ experience of the region to this book. He graduated in Arabic at Oxford in 1973 then won a research scholarship in Islamic History at the American University in Cairo which was . . .