Thursday 16th August 2012

Future Victorians Day II

Now social media makes it impossible to forget, your data shadow sticks to you like a mouse to a glue trap, and your washing machine is bitching about you to its manufacturer, sometimes it feels like there isn’t anything you can to stem this march of progress.   But before you search out your loom basher, why not sit back and listen to the consoling tones of Ben Hammersley, inventor of the podcast, government advisor on technology and Editor at Large for Wired Magazine, Ben is on hand to explain exactly what’s happening in the digital world, and to tell you everything you need to know now to prepare for then. 

We all realise with so many of us on the planet we can no longer consume like gannets let loose at a mackerel farm, but do we need to dig deeper than consuming less?  Broadcaster, journalist and writer of the best selling book ‘How to Change the World’ J P Flintoff is on hand to explain just how you can make the transition from confused organic vegetable shopper to easily become a mover and shaker in the new era.

Just like Sarah Corbett who spent many formative hours of her youth making Valentine’s cards and leaving them around the streets of Liverpool to give people something of beauty and pleasure when they found them.  She soon twinned her artistic sensibilities with a desire to forge change in the world and founded the Craftivist Collective.  This extraordinary lady will be on hand to explain just how craftivism can bring about significant change and how anyone can be involved in forming  a very different future. 

Tickets £12, available here. Doors at 6pm, first speaker at 7:30.



  • Ben Hammersley

    Ben Hammersley

    Things You Need to Know Now. For Then.

          Ben Hammersley is the UK Prime Minister's Ambassador to East London Tech City, Editor at Large of Conde Nast's Wired UKmagazine, and a member of the European Commission High Level Expert Group on Media . . .
  • John Paul Flintoff

    John Paul Flintoff

    Conversations That Change Everything

    Former associate editor of the Financial Times, now a writer for the Sunday Times) and faculty member of the School of Life, John Paul's books include Sew Your Own (wonderful, amazing, funny, inspiring, moving & utterly brilliant, they . . .
  • Sarah Corbett

    Sarah Corbett

    The Craftivist Collection.

    Sarah Corbett, founder of the Craftivist Collective which promotes activism by creative means, will be telling us how we might need our creative and craft skills in the future and how we go about developing them Growing . . .


  • Theatre Delicatessen

    35 Marylebone High Street

    W1U 4QA