Salon XXV

Friday 3rd August 2012

Salon Calling

This year your hosts very much wanted to take Salon to a summer festival, you know, one with camping and halloumi burgers.  We had our tick list: we wanted a clever one run by doers, one not afraid of dressing up of a Saturday night and one that knew how to shake its tail-feather, baby.

So if I say . . . the grounds of a beautiful 16th century manor house, an outdoor swimming pool, and an all night dance-floor which, after several Smirnoff Ices is exactly like the terrace at Pacha.  Yes, Salon is at Standon Calling, and we’re bringing back the best of our delighters.

Kicking off on Friday, we have world class illusionist/conman Philip Escoffey who will not only read your mind but tell you how he does it,  Lucy Tesco who will be picking out musical highlights of the three day festival (hope she says Casio Kids, we heart them), and an interactive session on campfire cocktails in which you can learn how whisky hot toddies turns any tent in to a glamper puss experience.

On Saturday our own Juliet Russell will be telling all she told when coaching on The Voice UK in a pre-rockeoke voice coaching session. We have Robert Rowland Smith who will be doing a late, late, late Philosophy breakfast (you bring the croissants we’ll bring the life-changing knowledge), we have forensic psychologist Kerry Daynes who will help you find out just who is the highly functioning psycho in your life and how to deal with them, and a workshop with Mark Bolitho to make origami boats to race on the swimming pool.  We mentioned the swimming pool, right?

On the Sunday join the sublime David Lindo on a bird-watching, wild-life walk around the grounds. At lunch join Professor Suzy Lishman as she presents her virtual autopsy, Natalie Haynes as she explains ancient civilisations in the most entertaining history lesson you’ve ever had, and learn how to dance MTV style with Move Your Frame dance guru Kayleigh Holbourne.  We’ll be closing our Salon summer experience with a music appreciation session as renowned DJ Greg Wilson takes us through the roots of dance music.

Come and join us . . . there is more, much more to Standon Calling here, and much more on us here . . . but why not combine the two and see us both full throttle: Salon at Standon Calling.

The first two Saloners who book tickets qualify for Diccon’s breakfast sandwich.


  • Kerry Daynes

    Kerry Daynes

    Is There A Psycho In Your Life?

    Kerry Daynes is a Consultant Chartered Forensic Psychologist and Chartered Scientist. Kerry was one of the first Forensic psychologists to train in an NHS setting; she has since worked with some of Britain's most complex and . . .
  • Robert Rowland Smith

    Robert Rowland Smith

    Philosphy Improv.

    Robert spent the first part of his career as a Prize Fellow of All Souls College, Oxford, and the second as a partner in a leading firm of management consultants. He now divides his time between writing and consulting independently.  . . .
  • Natalie Haynes

    Natalie Haynes

    The Ancient Guide to Modern Life

    Natalie Haynes specialised early, taking triple Classics at A-level. She graduated from Christ’s College, Cambridge, in 1996. She is an award-winning comedian, journalist, and broadcaster. She is a regular panellist on . . .
  • David Lindo

    David Lindo

    Birds in the City

    Self-styled 'The Urban Birder', David Lindo is a one-man ornithological phenomenon. He is a regular on TV and radio, has a flourishing website and blog plus writes for a host of magazines including BBC Wildlife, Bird Watching and the . . .
  • Mark Bolitho

    Mark Bolitho


    Mark Bolitho is a world renowned origami artist.  Since 2004 he has worked full time as an origami designer.  He has worked with a variety of clients to produce bespoke origami designs to meet commercial and artistic briefs. . . .
  • Lucy Tesco

    Lucy Tesco

    Summer Playlist 2011/2012/2013

    Lucy Tesco has been broadening tastes from behind the counters of Rough Trade West since 2006, serving music lovers of all sorts. Whether they're looking for the next hot dancefloor filler or simply for something to enjoy at home on a . . .
  • Philip Escoffey

    Philip Escoffey

    Mind Reading 101.

    The world of mind readers, the paranormal and psychics is one which has divided us for as long as it has intrigued us. If a stranger told you who your favourite teacher was, how would you feel? If he also knew what lottery numbers . . .
  • Suzy Lishman

    Suzy Lishman

    Virtual Autopsy

    Suzy Lishman is Consultant Histopathologist at Peterborough District Hospital and is Registrar of the Royal College of Pathologists. She is committed to increasing public engagement with science and has given talks to interested public . . .
  • Juliet Russell

    Juliet Russell

    Scratch Orchestra, Vocal Acrobatics, Voices That Move Us.

    A singer, songwriter and vocal coach, Juliet is co-founder of Salon and the award winning Sense of Sound; a music company that creates and produces amazing ways to celebrate singing. She has coached Grammy award winners and X-Factor . . .