Salon XXII

Wednesday 4th July 2012


Lucy's emailed us her playlist and, as promised, we're posting it up for you to enjoy. It's available here as a Spotify playlist (minus the Chromatics which is available here).

1- Grimes 'Infinite Love Without Fulfilment' (taken from the album Visions)First track on the record and a great little introduction to what Grimes, née Claire Boucher, does best. This is what a popstar of the future looks and sounds like.

2- Jerry Green 'I Finally Found the Love I Need'
3- Spontaneous Overthrow 'Money' (both from the compilation Personal Space: Electronic Soul 1974-1984)Two choice cuts from this very cool archive collection. 

4- Chromatics 'Into the Black' (taken from the album Kill For Love)New York's Chromatics is but one of label owner Johnny Jewel's many incarnations of ever sexy cold wave minimalist pop. Simply beautiful.

5- Damien Jurado 'Life Away from the Garden' (taken from the album Maraqopa)A brilliant album, produced by Richard Swift, and showcasing yet another of Jurado's many faces. Singer songwriting at its best and most interesting.

6- Friends 'I'm His Girl' (taken from the album Manifest!)Debut from this Brooklyn band. Classic New York guitar band - they even got that whole Talking Heads funk thang going on.

7- AlunaGeorge 'You Know You Like It' (taken from the You Know You Like It EP)At the forefront of the current trip-pop trend/resurgence/whatever you want to call it are duo AlunaGeorge. Infectious and guaranteed to be played on repeat... in your head.

8- Electric Guest 'This Head I Hold' (taken from the album Mondo)Dangermouse produced guitar band from California. The sunniest thing you will hear this summer.

9- Jessie Ware 'Wildest Moments' (taken from the forthcoming debut Devotion, out August)Slice of pure power pop from the hotly tipped songstress. Other singles 'Running' and '110%' suggest she is definitely one to watch.


Oh yes, us Saloners have learnt A LOT of stuff about the brain, We know if you saw the top of a skull off, you can pick the brain out with your hands, no problem, but you can’t toss it like a Frisbee (Thanks Suzy Lishman).  We also know we have two hemispheres, not so we can say things like, ‘Oh I’m such a right brain person’, but so we can concentrate on whittling sticks whilst listening out for rivals creeping up behind (Thanks Ian McGilchrist).  

But now we get down to the brain on a cellular level with one of the country’s top Neuroscientists. Professor Elaine Fox explains just why you’re a glass half-full, or a half-empty type of person, and how once you’ve decided which, the world will reinforce your decision daily. Ultimately, if you want to change who you are and how you see the world, all you need to do is simply forge some new neural pathways.  All of this and much more has been the basis for Elaine’s legendary psychological academic career and she’s bringing it, herself and the results to our July Salon.  

After a phenomenal session from Rough Trade’s Lucy Tesco last year, (Nicolas Jaar, Cults) who isn’t yearning for a 2012 summer playlist? Lucy is back to play us new music to ensure you have an apposite soundtrack summer for 2012 placed deep in your sub-cortex. Listen to Lucy, cold Aperol spritz in hand and we will ensure you never again stare blankly at the spotify search field trying hard not to type Coldplay. 

And finally, internationally acclaimed mind reader Philip Escoffey will be on hand to explain the thinking behind the tricks of the mind-reading trade. 

Psychologist,  entertainer or perhaps even conman, Philip is fascinated by the psychology of belief & need and for the July Salon, this skilful mentalist

will be taking a broad sweep at charlatans and exposing the techniques they’ve mastered in order to make us believe they have special powers.

 Philip will be using plenty of examples so keep your hands on your wallet and your wits about you as you allow Philip to give you the most bedazzling

half hour of your life.  Or at least make you think you have.  

Subliminal will be at the Adam St Members' Club. Doors open at 7:00pm.


  • Elaine Fox

    Elaine Fox

    Half empty? Half full? It's up to you.

    Elaine Fox was born and raised in Dublin, Ireland and obtained her PhD in psychology and neuroscience from University College Dublin. Following 5 years teaching and researching at Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand, she . . .
  • Lucy Tesco

    Lucy Tesco

    Summer Playlist 2011/2012/2013

    Lucy Tesco has been broadening tastes from behind the counters of Rough Trade West since 2006, serving music lovers of all sorts. Whether they're looking for the next hot dancefloor filler or simply for something to enjoy at home on a . . .
  • Philip Escoffey

    Philip Escoffey

    Mind Reading 101.

    The world of mind readers, the paranormal and psychics is one which has divided us for as long as it has intrigued us. If a stranger told you who your favourite teacher was, how would you feel? If he also knew what lottery numbers . . .