Salon XVII

Thursday 12th April 2012

Salon - North

Ever found yourself staring up at the clear Yorkshire sky at night wondering just which is the North star, or where exactly is Orion’s Belt?  Then you are already showing signs of being a stargazer in training.  Luckily, Dr Emily Winterburn, writer of ‘The Stargazer’s Guide’ and former curator of Astronomy at the Royal Observatory at Greenwich is coming to Salon to take us on an armchair star safari.  She will show us how to read the stars in the spring Yorkshire heavens, to find and identify key constellations, and explain how they got their names. You will never look upwards in confusion ever again.

Blinking the stars from our eyes, we welcome Michael Ormiston to the Harrogate stage for our arts slot.   Michael introduces us to the wonderful world of khoomii also known as Mongolian throat singing.  Thought to have been developed as a human mimicry of the sounds of nature, it has long been practised in the wide open plains of southern Asia.  Multi-instrumentalist Michael travelled to Mongolia to master this craft in 1990s and became only European to be granted permission to teach this ancient and moving overtone singing.  Watch, listen and wonder.

Know anyone who will stop at nothing to get what they want?  Never lets the truth get in the way of a good story?  Never picks up the bill? Then you may already be regularly dealing with a psychopath, and for Harrogate’s psychology slot, forensic psychologist Kerry Daynes will help you prove it.   Kerry’s work has discovered a significant 1 percent of the population is a highly functioning psychopath, which statistically means there’s one in your office, your family or Facebook.  Kerry, authored the book: The Devil You Know – Is there a Psychopath in Your Life? to help us all to identify who they are, and exactly how to deal with them.


  • Kerry Daynes

    Kerry Daynes

    Is There A Psycho In Your Life?

    Kerry Daynes is a Consultant Chartered Forensic Psychologist and Chartered Scientist. Kerry was one of the first Forensic psychologists to train in an NHS setting; she has since worked with some of Britain's most complex and . . .
  • Dr Emily Winterburn

    Dr Emily Winterburn

    Astronomy, Now!

    Emily Winterburn studied physics at Manchester University, followed by History of Science, first at Manchester and then at Imperial College, London.  She worked for many years at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich as curator of . . .
  • Michael Ormiston

    Michael Ormiston

    Mongolian Throat Singing

    Michael Ormiston is a Multi-instrumentalist and probably Europe's foremost Mongolian Khoomii (overtone) singer. Michael traveled to Chandman Sum, in western Mongolia in 1993 where he studied Khoomii with Tserendaava in his Ger (round felt . . .