Salon XVI

Wednesday 4th April 2012

Winging It

While no-one could ordinarily accuse Salon of winging it, for Salon’s April outing we 100% winged it, and did so happily.  Described (by ourselves) as London’s outstanding cultural monthly, Salon created another stellar line-up designed to unveil the mysterious, and reveal those pearls of wisdom that you just need to know.

First we had Memory Palaces with Sam Leith, writer of ‘You Talkin’ to Me’.  Journalist, writer and broadcaster Sam taught us the lost art of building a memory palace, or what you might refer to as a loci mnemonic.  Used by Sherlock Holmes, Derryn Brown and card sharks, this technique shows how to house a vast amount of information in your mind. Under Sam’s guidance we re-jigged our brains in ways that will help make our lives more ordered, memories more organised, and in time, help us break the bank at Monte Carlo.

We had David Lindo aka the Urban Birder.  Writer, broadcaster, and bird guider, David is all about getting us urbanites to realise the world of wild life which is hovering just above our mundane everyday of drycleaners and organic gelaterias.  David encouraged us to look up, to see our city landscape as a bird does, and to understand if you keep your eyes open anything can appear - anywhere. So watch out for flightless parrots this summer.

Mark Bolitho is an Olympic master of paper folding.  Creator of the company Creaselightning, Mark has created intricate, beautiful paper art for film, TV and even advertising.   He showed us exactly how to create our own moveable wings from paper, which will mean if ever again in your life, the conversation lulls, you will have something with which to claw it back. He also showed us how to make the perfect paper aeroplane, bringing an element of excitement and tension back in to sending an inter office communication, much lost since the advent of email.


  • David Lindo

    David Lindo

    Birds in the City

    Self-styled 'The Urban Birder', David Lindo is a one-man ornithological phenomenon. He is a regular on TV and radio, has a flourishing website and blog plus writes for a host of magazines including BBC Wildlife, Bird Watching and the . . .
  • Sam Leith

    Sam Leith

    Memory Palaces

    Sam Leith is a former Literary Editor of the Daily Telegraph, and contributes regularly to the Evening Standard, Guardian, Wall Street Journal, Spectator and Prospect. He’s the author of two nonfiction books: Dead Pets and . . .
  • Mark Bolitho

    Mark Bolitho


    Mark Bolitho is a world renowned origami artist.  Since 2004 he has worked full time as an origami designer.  He has worked with a variety of clients to produce bespoke origami designs to meet commercial and artistic briefs. . . .