Salon XLV

Thursday 3rd October 2013

SEX and Drugs and Rock n Roll.

For Salon does Sex, we are pleased to welcome Nichi Hodgson, author of 'Bound to You', a memoir of her time as a Dominatrix. She is also Director of the Ethical Porn Partnership and, as co-host, she will be helping us to take Salon in hand as we take a lateral look at Sex. 

Think sexting is racy? Biologist Aarathi Prasad will explain how science is changing sex beyond all recognition. Aarathi left genetics to be involved in the communication of these changes and has since become Science Advisor to the British Council and even influenced the law of our fair land to reflect the changes in science. Described as the female version of Brian Cox - the presenter of C4's series 'Brave New World with Stephen Hawking', Aarathi will be explaining 'How Science is Redesigning the Rules of Sex'.

Pheromones, Old Spice, Chloroform, smell is an intrinsic part of sex, so much so that men with no sense of smell (amnosia) have far fewer sexual partners that those with. A Swedish study found that a huge number of social signals are picked up by smell, which is why we have olfactory expert Sarah McCartney to test out the theory and to see if you are able to decode the sexual signals that are given to you in our Salon session, 'Sex Smells'.

And of course we had to end with a practical session on 'How to Have Better Sex', so we are very pleased to have our hands on Justin Hancock - one of the country's best sexual advisors - to take us to the heart of our practical relationship with, you know . . . sex. What ever your sexual orientation, leading sex educationalist Justin will explain it's all about consent - and you may be very surprised to find out your own consent orientation in this hands-on session. 

It's Salon, it's clever, it's fun and it builds new neural pathways. You should come.

Doors @ 6:30pm. Tickets available here.


  • Aarathi Prasad

    Aarathi Prasad

    How Science is Redesigning the Rules of Sex

    Aarathi Prasad is a biologist and science writer. She has appeared on TV and radio programmes, including as presenter of Quest for Virgin Birth on BBC Radio 4, Channel 4′s controversial Is It Better to Be Mixed Race? and Brave New . . .
  • Sarah McCartney

    Sarah McCartney

    Sex: the olfactory experience.

    “…the world of perfume needs shaking up, and you’re the gal to do it.” Jo Fairley, The Scent Critic While Sarah McCartney was studying maths and sciences in the far north east, she also played clarinet and sax . . .
  • Nichi Hodgson

    Nichi Hodgson

    SEX, and drugs and rock and roll.

    Nichi Hodgson is an author, broadcaster, and journalist living in London. A former sex columnist for Men's Health, she regularly contributes to the Guardian, Vice, and the Telegraph on civil liberties and censorship issues, sex and the . . .
  • Justin Hancock

    Justin Hancock

    How To Have Better Sex

      Justin Hancock is a sex educator (nominative determinism innit) and has worked with thousands of young people over the last 14 years in confidential advice spaces, clinics, youth clubs, colleges and schools. He writes . . .


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