Salon XLIV

Friday 13th September 2013

Salon No 6 - Identity

Salon No 6 will be inviting you over the course of Saturday and Sunday afternoons to explore the outer reaches of identity. Whether your own, your on-line, the universe’s or even the identity of music, Salon’s unique approach of bringing passionate experts from the arts, sciences and psychology allows you to consider and explore the theme, cocktail in hand, as we bring you massive ideas in intimate settings, this time the Grade II Jacobean town hall at the magical Portmeirion.


Philippa Perry

Acclaimed psychotherapist and author Philippa Perry is first on the Salon stage to help us get to grip with our identity.  Philippa perceives an increasing vanity around our identities, and believes we operate under the illusion that we can control the way we are seen.  Come hear about your multiple identities, and why all identities diminish us, as we explore our theme from a psychological point of views.


Greg Wilson

DJ and Producer Greg Wilson presents for Salon No 6 his audio lecture, marking 25 years on from the Acid House, ‘Before The Second Summer of Love.’ Covering the events leading up to that pivotal year, and explaining why it could have only happened in Britain, Greg will outline the origins of our dance culture, play key tracks, and explore the UK’s long-standing obsession and identification with black music.


Grace Dugdale

Molecular biologist Grace Dugdale will be exploring our sexual identity. So long the subject of nature or nurture, Grace’s interest in sexual identity stems from her research into the different factors that determine how we feel and behave sexually.  Grace will present us with a scientific understanding of our choices, and explore the rip tide of sexual rivalry that runs under society.


Art Macabre

True Identity is the theme of Nikki Shaill’s especially curated ‘death drawing’ session for Festival No 6.  Art Macabre’s Death Drawing Salons inject a lethal dose of theatricality, curiosity and the macabre into life drawing and she will be encouraging you to explore your true identity as you, inspired by Nikki’s tableau of inspiring nudity, feel the need to brandish an artistic weapon of choice and make some killer marks.

Materials for this session are sponsored by Cass Art.


David Tong

David Tong is a Cambridge Professor of Theoretical Physics, who gets his kicks by working out how the universe is held together on a fundamental level through exploring quantum field theory, string theory, supersymmetry, solitons and cosmology. Armed with photos and explanations of big bang, inflation and 13 billion years ago to the millionth of a second, we could therefore think of no one better to explore our place in the universe.



  • David Tong

    David Tong

    Our Place in the Universe

    David Tong is Professor of Theoretical Physics at the University of Cambridge. He works on quantum mechanics, string theory, cosmology and anything else that's exciting in physics. He has held research positions at a number of . . .
  • Art Macabre

    Art Macabre

    Art Macabre's Death Drawing Salons: Out of the Shadows, Circus of Skeletons.

      Art Macabre resurrect the fun and playfulness of putting pencil to paper through London’s only “death drawing” salons. RIP memories of boring drawing classes as events producer Nikki Shaill, aka ghostly host . . .
  • Phillipa Perry

    Phillipa Perry

    The Gothic Mind. Sanity. Identity.

    Philippa Perry left school at 15, an undiagnosed dyslexic, she was written off academically, sent to Switzerland to learn how to ski, speak French and meet posh people, yet only ever seemed to enjoy lovers with regional accents. Sacked . . .
  • Juliet Russell

    Juliet Russell

    Scratch Orchestra, Vocal Acrobatics, Voices That Move Us.

    A singer, songwriter and vocal coach, Juliet is co-founder of Salon and the award winning Sense of Sound; a music company that creates and produces amazing ways to celebrate singing. She has coached Grammy award winners and X-Factor . . .
  • Greg Wilson

    Greg Wilson

    Before The Second Summer of Love

    Greg began DJing in 1975 and is one of the most important figures on the UK dance scene. He enjoyed hugely popular early 80's residencies at Wigan Pier and Manchester's Legend, and was the 1st dance music DJ hired for a weekly session at . . .
  • Grace Dugdale

    Grace Dugdale

    Sexual Identity

      Grace Dugdale studied Molecular Biology and Genetics as an undergraduate and has spent the past four years researching the biological basis of sexual behaviour for her first book 'What Every Girl Needs to Know About Sex'. . . .