Salon XLII

Friday 2nd August 2013

Circus Maximus. Standon Calling 2013.

Ladies and Gentlemen, for Standon Calling 2013 Salon London presents ‘Circus Maximus’ a selection of especially curated content to excite, entertain and enthral.  

We can't wait to take Salon back to Standon Calling, we'll be fleeing the city to take up residence in the Strongman’s Arms, and introducing their up for it crowd to our band of practioners, passionate experts and talented artists.

On Friday on the eve of the festival we have Lucy Tesco to get us all excited about the music at Standon 2013. Who? Where? What? How? and What Time Are They On?  

Then Tammi Brown leads a cracking masterclass in whip mastery.  You bring the enthusiasm. She provides the know how.  That’s how it’s gotta work with whips. 

On Saturday, fresh off BBC1's The Voice, Salon London's Juliet Russell's vocal acrobatics masterclass will leave you able to balance on a Tightrope, cry Tears of a Clown or to Bring On the Dancing Horses. 

Suffering with coulrophobia?  It’s not unusual, clowns are emotionally difficult to read and incongruent. Luckily Salon London is running an ‘Aversion Therapy Live’ session to help you face those fears.   

Brad Inness will be running a beginners guide to rolling, falling, wheeling and double roundoff back flips in his tumbling workshop. Except the back flips. 

Also on Saturday Art Macabre will be creating one of their legendary 'Death Drawing Salons; this one a family-friendly, all ages drawing carnival, in which children and adults can draw together to create a giant collaborative artwork, inspired by our posing ‘Circus of Skeletons’.  

On Sunday, Brad Inness is back on hand to teach us everything we need to know to build - man by man, woman by woman, clown by clown – creating our own Standon Calling Human Pyramid. 

Acclaimed perfumer Sarah McCartney will take us on an olfactory safari through the world of the circus. Delve in to scents to tame lions, to inspire bravery on the trapeze, and to command power like the Ringmaster.

And Nikki Shaill, of Art Macabre will be conducting our own secret Death Drawing Salon in which we can sketch an adul themed ‘Circus of Skeletons’. Expect the unicorn-horned unicyclist, the winged trapeze artist, the painted lady, and nudity. 

Closing the festival Salon London subjects Festival founder Alex Trenchard to some serious Bibliotherapy.  Creators Ella Berthoud and Susan Elderkin and authors of The Novel Cure will reveal Alex’s deepest wishes and desires.  



  • Brad Inness

    Brad Inness

    How to Tumble, and the Science of Human Pyramids.

    After completing a two year Diploma in Brisbane, Australia at The Australian Dance & Performance Institute, Brad pirouetted his way across the world, along the way doing what he loves most, dance.  Having extended his attention to . . .
  • Art Macabre

    Art Macabre

    Art Macabre's Death Drawing Salons: Out of the Shadows, Circus of Skeletons.

      Art Macabre resurrect the fun and playfulness of putting pencil to paper through London’s only “death drawing” salons. RIP memories of boring drawing classes as events producer Nikki Shaill, aka ghostly host . . .
  • Sarah McCartney

    Sarah McCartney

    Sex: the olfactory experience.

    “…the world of perfume needs shaking up, and you’re the gal to do it.” Jo Fairley, The Scent Critic While Sarah McCartney was studying maths and sciences in the far north east, she also played clarinet and sax . . .
  • Lucy Tesco

    Lucy Tesco

    Summer Playlist 2011/2012/2013

    Lucy Tesco has been broadening tastes from behind the counters of Rough Trade West since 2006, serving music lovers of all sorts. Whether they're looking for the next hot dancefloor filler or simply for something to enjoy at home on a . . .
  • Tammi Brown

    Tammi Brown

    How to handle a whip.

    Hailing from her small town paradise in Australia, Tammi has been an aerialist and acrobat for over 10 years and has performed all over the world in venues from entertainment centres, 5 star hotels to castles in Milan. She has . . .
  • Juliet Russell

    Juliet Russell

    Scratch Orchestra, Vocal Acrobatics, Voices That Move Us.

    A singer, songwriter and vocal coach, Juliet is co-founder of Salon and the award winning Sense of Sound; a music company that creates and produces amazing ways to celebrate singing. She has coached Grammy award winners and X-Factor . . .
  • Ella Berthoud

    Ella Berthoud

    Bibliotherapy Live. Standon Calling 2013.

    Ella Berthoud started reading on a journey from Tehran to London, on the parcel shelf of a Wolsey 1300 when she was five. She spent the next thirteen years reading books in inappropriate places, we hear even on trampolines. She studied . . .