Salon XIV

Thursday 2nd February 2012

Dark Romance

An amazing night: thanks to our excellent speakers and to everyone for coming. 

For the first Salon of the year, we began 2012 with some Dark Romance.

So who better than screenwriter and lecturing legend John Foster? Who got to the heart of psychological drama in film, with a little help from directors Alain Renais, Krzysztof Kieslowski and Wong Kar-wai. John revealed just how our psychological selves can be unlocked through very clever filmmaking. A Film Studies master class in thirty mins.

Up next we had the President of PEN Lisa Appignanesi. Lisa is in the Guardian’s top twenty cultural commentators to watch, and in Salon’s top one. For our delectation, Lisa gave us a scientific treatment of ‘Love: An Anatomy of An Unruly Emotion’ and took the Salon crowd on an intimate and illuminating journey of how love shapes our lives and our world. What is it? Where’s mine? And can we live without it? Our questions about Love were finally answered.

And where would we be without poetry, the go-to place when feeling darkly brooding and romantic? Punk poet raconteur and maitresse of the Book Club Boutique, Salena Godden was on hand to explain its enduring allure. Kerrang Magazine described Salena as ‘everything the Daily Mail fears’, so house prices tumbled as Salena introduced us to her personal, poetical audio guide to love.

Finally, we danced to Salon's inaugural 3 minute rave.


  • Lisa Appignanesi

    Lisa Appignanesi

    Anatomy of Love

    Lisa Appignanesi is a prize-winning writer, novelist and cultural commentator. She is Honorary Professor in Literature and Medical Humanities at King’s College London, Chair of the Freud Museum, London, and outgoing President of . . .
  • Salena Godden

    Salena Godden


    Everything the Daily Mail is terrified of, Kerrang Magazine says: Salena Godden's latest collection 'Under The Pier' was published by hip-indie imprint Nasty Little Press in 2011. Most recently her work has appeared in Shortfire . . .
  • John Foster

    John Foster

    Psychological Drama

    John Foster teaches screenwriting at the Media School of Bournemouth University, the London School of Film, Media & Performance and the American School at Regent’s College, London. He is visiting lecturer at University . . .


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