Salon LVI

Monday 28th April 2014


It’s a truth universally unquestioned that travel broadens the mind. But how and why? 

In this specially curated Salon to reflect the journey theme of the Stratford Festival, Salon takes a look at what is to be gained from travel and how the smallest detours from our familiar journeys can bring great benefits to our lives.

Contributing editor to the Observer Food monthly and author of the Edible Atlas: Around the World in 39 Cuisines, Mina Holland will explain what, and why people eat what they do, and how the pleasures of eating can act as a guide to a richer understanding of cultures and countries. 

Leading UK voice expert. Juliet Russell will take us on a cross continent guided tour of the globe, showing how vocal and musical styles have evolved and influenced each other, and exploring humankind’s innate musicality and irrepressible urge to communicate.

Finally we’ll hear from the Natural Navigator Tristan Dooley who has spent his lifetime travelling and exploring the planet.  The School of Life author will be explaining how we can connect deeper and better with nature, navigate by the stars and pick up on the clues from nature to bring enhanced exploration of the natural world in to your life.

Get ready for some armchair adventuring. 



  • Juliet Russell

    Juliet Russell

    Scratch Orchestra, Vocal Acrobatics, Voices That Move Us.

    A singer, songwriter and vocal coach, Juliet is co-founder of Salon and the award winning Sense of Sound; a music company that creates and produces amazing ways to celebrate singing. She has coached Grammy award winners and X-Factor . . .
  • Tristan Gooley

    Tristan Gooley


    Tristan Gooley is a writer, navigator and explorer. He is the author of The Natural Navigator, one of the world’s only books on natural navigation, The School of Life book on How to connect with nature, The Natural . . .