Salon LIX

Monday 23rd June 2014

Where do you go to my lovely?

You may have noticed Salon London takes you to new places and expands your mind, and for June’s special Salon we’ll be doing both as we ask, ‘Where do you go to my lovely?’

Salon London increases your creativity:

In a mid year summer slump, want to hit your creative brain with a defibrillator?  Wait, government tech advisor and digital pin-up Ben Hammersley has spent the last year working out how to get your brain in optimum health for creative thought.  Pens out. Learn from Ben.

Salon London makes you super human:

Want to understand the colour of music and the taste of words?  World synaesthesia expert Prof Michael Banissy (author of Superhumans) will explain the world of the synaethetes, those people who experience everything through a union of senses.

Salon London takes you on a trip:

Olivia Laing’s book ‘Trip to Echo Spring: Why Writers Drink’ is a genius psycho-geography style tour around America taking in the worlds of F Scott Fitzgerald, John Cheever and Tennessee Williams. Working with Odette Toilette we will all travel through time and space and get into the interior and exterior landscapes of these great American writers.

Salon London. We curate Culture.  7:30pm at a brand new Foyles flagship store: Tickets here:

And while we're on - come be with us for our first ever Salon residential: The Also Festival. Only 500 of you can be with us at our first ever festival and we want it to be you. Come join us.


  • Ben Hammersley

    Ben Hammersley

    Things You Need to Know Now. For Then.

          Ben Hammersley is the UK Prime Minister's Ambassador to East London Tech City, Editor at Large of Conde Nast's Wired UKmagazine, and a member of the European Commission High Level Expert Group on Media . . .
  • Odette Toilette

    Odette Toilette


    Purveyor of olfactory adventures, Odette Toilette is the perfume fanatic behind London's Scratch+Sniff events. Obsessed with scent ever since a Tinkerbell strawberry cologne was given to her on the occasion of her third birthday, and . . .
  • Michael Banissy

    Michael Banissy


    Michael  is a cognitive neuroscientist based at the Department of Psychology Goldsmiths University of London. Prior to taking up his position at Goldsmiths he worked at the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience (University College . . .
  • Olivia Laing

    Olivia Laing

    Trip to Echo Spring

    Olivia Laing's first book, To the River, was a book of the year in the Evening Standard, Independent and Financial Times and was shortlisted for the Royal Society of Literature Ondaatje Prize and the Dolman . . .


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