Salon LII

Thursday 6th March 2014


Salon London takes a lateral look at Health, as we gambol in to our Spring series of Health, Wealth and Happiness.

Let us introduce top notch biologist and neuro-biologist Professor Steven Rose to explain why biology, neuroscience and genomics have not been able to deliver the Health benefits they promised.

Had a tough winter? Try a therapeutic and professional sound journey?  Otto Haddad brings his sound bath to Salon London to help us experience the healing power and meditative rewards of gong therapy.

Are you what you eat? We’re obsessed with food, and health is just the start of it. Philosopher Julian Baggini takes a look your relationship with taste, health and diet as he examines the virtues of the table.

Salon is at Adam St, 6th March, 7:00pm.  Will you be? Tickets here



  • Otto Haddad

    Otto Haddad

    Sound Therapy

      Otto is a Sound Therapist. After working many years in corporate environment as IT consultant, he decided to dedicated his life to his passion for sound and alternative health. He studied with two leading Sound therapist in the . . .
  • Julian Baggini

    Julian Baggini

    Future You.

    Julian Baggini is the author of several books, including Welcome to Everytown: A Journey into the English Mind (Granta), Complaint (Profile), The Ego Trick (Granta) and most recently The Shrink and . . .
  • Steven Rose

    Steven Rose


    Steven Rose has a first degree in biochemistry from Cambridge, and a PhD in neurochemistry from London. Following  post-doc periods in Oxford, Rome and London, in 1969 he was appointed Professor of Biology and Director of the . . .