Salon LI

Thursday 6th February 2014

Big Ideas

To mark the second year of the Transmission Prize, our first Salon of 2014 gets up in the grill of Big Ideas.  

David Tong, theoretical physicist from Cambridge gets the big questions out of the way early as he explains life, the universe and everything. 

QI writer Stevyn Colgan connects the ideas that hit home in 2013.  From epigenetics to psycho-biography, no matter what you didn’t get round to reading last year, this session will bring you up to speed. 

Followed by Salon’s own Helen Bagnall who based on the predictions from our network of passionate experts, will condense the ideas you’ll need to know in 2014. 

The Literary Platform’s Joanna Ellis will explain why you, the Salon crowd, are part of a movement that is changing the way we interact with ideas. 

And author Ella Berthoud will be conducting on the spot bibliotherapy.  Whatever your fears and hopes for 2014, Ella can recommend the book to help. 

We will then award the Transmission Prize to the speaker with the biggest, best communicated, and most beautiful idea during the last year of Salon.  The shortlist can be found here, and NO, it’s not too late to email us your much valued opinion. 

All this will be found at 7:30pm on 6th February at Foyles, (Doors at 7:00pm), Charing Cross Road. Tickets hereMembership here


  • Joanna Ellis

    Joanna Ellis

    Big Ideas

      Joanna Ellis joined The Literary Platform’s consultancy arm in March 2012 and works with its clients on business development and organisational change, content strategy and partnership building. Previously she was . . .
  • David Tong

    David Tong

    Our Place in the Universe

    David Tong is Professor of Theoretical Physics at the University of Cambridge. He works on quantum mechanics, string theory, cosmology and anything else that's exciting in physics. He has held research positions at a number of . . .
  • Ella Berthoud

    Ella Berthoud

    Bibliotherapy Live. Standon Calling 2013.

    Ella Berthoud started reading on a journey from Tehran to London, on the parcel shelf of a Wolsey 1300 when she was five. She spent the next thirteen years reading books in inappropriate places, we hear even on trampolines. She studied . . .
  • Stevyn Colgan

    Stevyn Colgan

    Six Degrees of Information

      Spotting connections is in my DNA. For thirty years I worked in criminal intelligence. I researched and analysed crimes and community problems and helped design solutions that were more permanent and sustainable than the usual . . .
  • Helen Bagnall

    Helen Bagnall

    Big Ideas

    Helen Bagnall is an international award-winning screenwriter and author, having written extensively for RTE, Sony Pictures, Penguin Books, Brilliant Films and Fiver. She has twice won the KidScreen award for best TV film for . . .