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Saturday 23rd November 2013

The House Warming Party at the Tate

To honour the rehang of the Tate Britain’s collection in chronological order, Salon London will take a lateral look at ‘Time’. 

In the brand new Grand Saloon, theoretical physicist David Tong will deal with the first 13.8ish billion years of time explaining the period millionth of seconds after the big bang until things get tricky around 1740.

Food historian Leonie Sooke will take us on a taste safari through the 18th and 19th centuries via the fortunes of sugar, including of course Henry Tate, the builder of the Gallery.

We will conclude our Salon at Tate Britain with musician and leading vocal coach Juliet Russell who will bring us bang up to the moment through the distinctive musical sounds of modern and post modern times.

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  • Juliet Russell

    Juliet Russell

    Scratch Orchestra, Vocal Acrobatics, Voices That Move Us.

    A singer, songwriter and vocal coach, Juliet is co-founder of Salon and the award winning Sense of Sound; a music company that creates and produces amazing ways to celebrate singing. She has coached Grammy award winners and X-Factor . . .
  • David Tong

    David Tong

    Our Place in the Universe

    David Tong is Professor of Theoretical Physics at the University of Cambridge. He works on quantum mechanics, string theory, cosmology and anything else that's exciting in physics. He has held research positions at a number of . . .
  • Leonie Sooke

    Leonie Sooke

    Drugs We Love

      Leonie Sooke is a trained chef, food stylist and writer working in television and publishing. Her job involves recipe writing and cooking behind the scenes – being the secret hands responsible for creating the food you see . . .