Thursday 3rd December 2015

Studio 54

To celebrate the end of the Salon year we're delving deep in to Studio 54, the high glamour night club that defined the New York disco scene of the late 70s. 

If you've ever wanted to arrive at a Salon on horse back, or wearing just glitter this is DEFINITELY the one for you.

Understand why it feels oh-so-good to be on that dancefloor? Leading neuroscience of music professor Dr Catherine Loveday will explain why dancing  to music in clubs bonds the group together. 

So what have you come as?  We will take a tour through the threads of the time with our favourite fashion journalist Paul Tierney, who will show us the lamé, the leather, the glitz and the glamour.

Then, be taken on an audio tour with Tim Lawrence author of Love Saves The Day: A History of American Dance Music Culture.  Expect a curated sound track designed to explore and explain haute disco; the musicians, their technologies, the glamour, and the beat.

Then Freak out as we end our incredible year with a little bit of disco dancing.

Dress up? Why not. We will. Take your inspiration here.

Proud Archivist.  3rd December. 7pm. Tickets here.


  • Paul Tierney

    Paul Tierney

    Studio 54

    Paul Tierney is a style and travel writer who writes for a wide range of titles, including Love, the London Evening Standard, Neue Luxury and Another Man. Over a career spanning 25 years he has contributed to The Independent, Fantastic . . .
  • Tim Lawrence

    Tim Lawrence

    Studio 54

    Tim Lawrence is the author of Love Saves the Day: A History of American Dance Music Culture, 1970-79 and the co-founder of Lucky Cloud Sound System, which has been staging Loft parties in London since 2003. He is a professor of cultural . . .
  • Dr Catherine Loveday

    Dr Catherine Loveday

    Music, dancing and oxytocin.

    Dr Catherine Loveday is a Principal Lecturer in Cognitive Neuroscience at the University of Westminster. She is passionate about public communication of neuroscience, especially in relation to music. Much of her research is focussed on the . . .


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